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Let Us Manage Your Medford Rental Property

Are you a landlord in Medford, NY, seeking a reliable and experienced property management team? Look no further! Olympic Property Management is the answer to your quest.

We guarantee to rent out vacant units within 2 weeks, ensuring that your properties remain income-generating. We also prioritize customer service and owner satisfaction. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to handle maintenance requests and address any concerns you might have about your properties.

At Olympic Property Management we believe in detailed financial reporting and meticulous tracking of property performance, so you can expect that you will be kept well-informed about your investments.

We offer transparency in our services, which is crucial for effective property management and long-term financial planning. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your investment will be well taken care of.

Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your rental business is handled with precision and utmost care and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Our Property Management Services

At Olympic Property Management, we pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of services to manage your rental properties efficiently. Our team is committed to enhancing the value of your real estate investments while providing peace of mind through professional management.

From meticulous tenant selection to robust marketing and maintenance strategies, our approach is designed to ensure maximum occupancy, optimal property condition, and seamless financial transactions.

You can access the following services:

Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process is thorough and comprehensive. We perform detailed background checks, including criminal history, credit analysis, and rental history, to ensure that the tenants are reliable and financially responsible.

This meticulous process helps in minimizing the risk of rental income loss and property damage.

Property Marketing

To minimize vacancy periods and maximize your rental income, we implement strategic marketing techniques. We use various advertising platforms, including online listings and local marketing, to attract a diverse pool of potential tenants.

Our marketing efforts are designed to highlight the unique features of your property, ensuring it stands out in the competitive rental market.

Leasing Agreements

We draft detailed leasing agreements that are clear, fair, and legally compliant. These agreements cover all necessary terms and conditions, including rent, deposit, lease duration, and tenant responsibilities.

By setting clear expectations and legal safeguards, these agreements protect both the landlord and the tenant.

Move-In Inspections

Before a new tenant moves in, we conduct thorough move-in inspections. This process involves documenting the property's condition in detail, which serves as a benchmark for future inspections.

This step is crucial in safeguarding your property and ensuring anything outside of normal wear and tear is appropriately addressed.

Regular Property Inspections

Regular property inspections are a key part of our management services. These inspections help in identifying and addressing maintenance needs early, thus preventing costly repairs in the future.

They also ensure that tenants are complying with the terms of their lease and maintaining the property well. Through these inspections, we can ensure that your property remains in top condition.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

We simplify the rent collection process by providing online payment options. This modern approach offers convenience to tenants and ensures timely payments. Our system also sends automatic reminders and facilitates easy tracking of rental payments.

Maintenance and Repairs

Effective maintenance and repair management is vital for preserving the value of your property. We handle all aspects of property maintenance, from routine upkeep to emergency repairs, ensuring your property remains in prime condition.

Our network of trusted contractors ensures quality work at competitive prices, and we promptly address tenant maintenance requests to maintain high satisfaction levels.

About Medford, NY

Medford, NY, a suburb of New York City located in Suffolk County, offers residents a mix of suburban serenity and vibrant community life, making it an ideal location for both living and real estate investment.

The area's appeal is enhanced by a wide array of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, catering to many families and young professionals who call Medford home.

Medford is also recognized for its livability, with an above-average score that considers education, crime, cost of living, and overall resident happiness. The cost of living in Medford is lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to live and invest.

Medford offers a variety of attractions and recreational activities. The Medford Athletic Complex, Country Fair Entertainment Park, and Medford Shooting Range are among the top attractions for fun and games in the area.

These destinations provide entertainment and leisure options for residents and visitors alike, enhancing the quality of life in Medford.

With its suburban charm, economic stability, and abundance of amenities and attractions, Medford presents a compelling opportunity for both living and investing in rental properties.

The combination of a strong housing market, safety, affordability, and a vibrant community life makes it an attractive destination for potential renters and investors alike.

Areas We Serve

Olympic Property Management is proud to offer property management services in Kings County, Brooklyn, Bay Shore, Lindenhurst, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, New York County, Islip, Riverhead, West Babylon, Huntington, Smithtown, Centereach, Brentwood, Coram, Commack, Deer Park, Holbrook,Dix Hills, Shirley, Copiague, Medford and Suffolk County.


Olympic Property Management are very professional I dealt with a few property managers in the past and I must say Peter is a phenomenal person to work with. He works very fast for his tenants and make sure that they are happy great communication skills. I give this company five stars they deserve it all the way. I highly recommend them.

Rental Property Owner